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V10K chlorinator

V Notch chlorinator, ideal for water treatment plants

Product specifications

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    V10K chlorinator

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    The V10K chlorinator  is a Wallace and Tiernan product. It uses the proven V-notch flow control technology to provide accurate gas flow control and excellent repeatability.

    The V10K chlorinator manufactured by Evoqua (previously Wallace and Tiernan) has a maximum capacity of 340kg/day chlorine gas. The V10k system is designed for the operator’s convenience, therefore, the components of the control unit are mounted securely on a wall mounting panel with front access.

    V10K chlorinator gas feed system consists of:

    • A vacuum regulator mounted at the gas supply
    • A wall-mounted gas control unit with a rotameter for indication of feed rate
    • A water-operated injector that provides the vacuum source to drive the entire chlorination system

    By using automatic switchover regulators, the V10K chlorinator provides an uninterrupted supply of chlorine gas to maintain continuous disinfection/water treatment. It is suitable for use with four of the most commonly used water treatment and disinfection gases in municipal, potable and industrial water and wastewater applications.

  • Features
    • Safe, all vacuum operation
    • Convenient, wall-mounted design
    • Easy readability
    • Automatic switchover built-in
    • Flexible control modes: manual to fully automatic control schemes
    • Handles all water treatment gases: chlorine, ammonia, sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide
    • Proven V-Notch flow control technology provides accuracy and repeatability
    • Premium construction – features a one-piece moulded head-block for reliability and endurance
    • Large 5“ and 10“ rotameters – available in 15 capacities up to 15kg/hr Cl2 for the highest degree of readability
    • Differential type regulation – allows for lower vacuum levels and efficient, economical injector operation
  • Applications
    • Municipal and industrial water and wastewater treatment
    • Treatment of industrial water from chemical processing
    • Industrial process water
    • Recreational pools
  • Service description

    Major and minor – Mandatory yearly major service and recommended 6 monthly minor service

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    Manual or automatic chlorinators are available in a variety of configurations in capacities ranging from 25g/hr to 15kg/hr.