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V2000 chlorinator

V2000 v-notch chlorinator, maximum capacity 1360kg/day, wall mounted, manual

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    V2000 chlorinator

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    The Wallace and Tiernan V2000 chlorinator has the benefit of over 100 years experience in chlorine gas feed technology.
    The V2000 chlorinator family of gas feeders consists of a floor-mounted unit available in a variety of configurations with capacities to 200 kg/hour (chlorine gas) and a more compact wall-mounted unit with a capacity of 60 kg/hour (chlorine gas). Both chlorinators are identical in reliability and performance.

  • Features
    • Superior control accurate chlorine gas flow control and repeatability are achieved by the use of a V-Notch orifice consisting of a precisely grooved plug sliding in a fitted teflon ring
    • Flexible control each chlorinator model is available in manual or fully automatic control utilising a specifically designed disinfection controller
    • Front panel access the front panel lifts off for easy access to components that are most frequently serviced
    • Large 10″ rotameters give a high degree of reliability
    • Handles all water treatment gases chlorine gas, ammonia, sulphur dioxide and carbon dioxide can be fed with the V2000 chlorinator
    • Built-in non-isolating auto switchover optional auto switchover regulators provide continuous operation and complete gas withdrawal
  • Applications

    Municipal or industrial water

    • Disinfection of potable water treatment of cooling water to inhibit biological growth and algae control in irrigation systems municipal or industrial waste
    • Disinfection of municipal sewage effluent and industrial waste streams chemical processing
    • Treatment of industrial wastes from metal finishing, pulp and paper operations, chemical plants and food processing plant discharges industrial process water
    • Taste and odour control in bottling plants and breweries tempering water treatment high purity water in electronics, pharmaceuticals & cosmetic industries
  • Service description

    Major and minor – mandatory yearly major service and recommended 6 monthly minor service

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