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Vacuum regulator 200ppd

Control process pressure with an Evoqua (Wallace and Tiernan) vacuum regulator

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    Vacuum regulator 200ppd

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    The Evoqua (Wallace and Tiernan) vacuum regulator 200ppd is designed to regulate the gas supply to Wallace and Tiernan chlorinators. It is constructed of a moulded PVC housing for corrosion resistance. It also has metal inlet components to withstand full supply pressure. The vacuum regulator is suitable for chlorine gas, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide.

    A unique lever mechanism and front panel knob provides the operator with a quick indication of operation mode.  An additional built-in red indicator becomes visible in low/out of gas situations and an optional contact is available for remote indication.

  • Features
    • Handles chlorine gas, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide
    • Non isolating switchover
    • Positive indication of chlorinator status
    • Positive shut-off
    • Captive yoke, ton container and manifold mounting
    • Built in pressure relief vent
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    Manual and automatic switchover vacuum regulators are available in multiple configurations up to 10kg/hr