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Vacuum regulators 3000ppd to 10,000ppd

Control process pressure of chlorine gas containers with a vacuum regulator
Vacuum Regulator CO

Product specifications

Product title: Vacuum regulators 3000ppd to 10,000ppd
Brand: Evoqua

Evoqua’s (previously Wallace and Tiernan) vacuum regulators 3000ppd use a unique pressure check/pressure relief valve design. This design minimises the possibility of gas being released to the atmosphere. It is a double check system utilising two valves that will not open to allow gas flow unless a vacuum is present.  In order for gas to be vented, both valves would have to fail, which is extremely unlikely.

For reliability with evaporators, the vacuum regulating valve used with the 10,000 ppd module has an electric operator.  It’s designed to shut off the chlorine supply should evaporator temperature or water level fall below the operating limit.  The vacuum regulator also shuts off chlorine supply if the power fails.  The vacuum regulating valve by Wallace and Tiernan also has a low temperature switch designed to close the electric operator and activate an alarm in the event of an evaporator malfunction.  The electric operator and the low temperature switch are also available with the vacuum regulators 3000ppd.

  • Handles chlorine gas, ammonia, sulfur dioxide and carbon dioxide
  • Non-isolating switchover
  • Positive indication of chlorine status
  • Positive shut-off
  • Pressure check and pressure relief valve