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Wastewater chemical treatment RM10

Chemical treatment for difficult-to-treat wastewater

Product specifications

Product title: Wastewater chemical treatment RM10
Brand: Baldwin

Unique, one step chemical treatment for water.  The RM10 process is particularly suited to difficult to treat wastewater. The clay based chemical removes oils and greases, suspended solids, heavy metals, surfactants and permanently encapsulates these contaminants in a readily disposable dry sludge. The Baldwin RM -10 ® chemicals are composed of minerals, inorganic and organic acids, bases and polymers blended into complex and carefully controlled formulations.

Various designs and configurations enable efficient and economical treatment of most industrial wastewater applications:

  • Small “Busta” units are for treating 300 – 500 litres per day. They are manual and economic
  • Semi-Automatic units require minimal operator time and are available in stainless steel construction and ideal for treating 750 -1000 litres per hour
  • Fully automatic units are PLC controlled and of stainless steel construction
  • Treatment rates range from 1000 litres per hour up to 10,000 litres per hour and can continually treat without operator attention 24 hours a day

Equipment and options available with a Baldwin RM-10 treatment system can include:

  • Skid mounted oil skimmers, decanters with integrated 5,000 litre waste oil tank
  • Coalescing plate separators
  • Dirty water collection tanks
  • Collection tank agitators / mixers
  • Mixer stands
  • Pre-treatment pH adjustment systems
  • Feed and filtrate pumps
  • Post-treatment pH monitoring and adjustment
  • Filtration skids
  • Conductivity monitoring
  • Control panel options
  • Skid mounting
  • Paint manufacturing – wash water
  • Corrugators – ink and glue water
  • Vibratory de-burring
  • Diecasting
  • Metal working coolants
  • Plating
  • Equipment washdown
  • Parts washing
  • Phosphate removal